Running in Berlin
Running in Berlin with LAURIN
Project | November 30

Berlin as inspiration and running as a way to connect with yourself and the world. Join our next guest in the series, Laurin, as she runs through the streets of Berlin. As a member of the BTC team, Laurin understands the team spirit of running like no one else.
Exercise has always been one of the most important things in my life and I am very grateful for being able to do it every day. Everyday running is like a warm hello and welcome, like a check-in for the body and mind - you just have to leave the flat to go for a run.

“Nothing compares to the energy of a running community – especially in Berlin”

I've been running since I was a teenager, after years of club athletics, and it's become as much a part of my daily life as brushing my teeth and showering. I like the physicality and dynamism of running – it's almost like dancing. I have been leaving in Berlin for 8 years already. This city is magical – inspiring, intense and yet calming at the same time. Just like my runs.
“I like the physicality and dynamism of running – it's almost like dancing”

Running makes me feel connected, to my thoughts and feelings, to nature, to the city, to the lights, sounds and other runners. Breathing seems so much easier and more conscious - no matter how exhausting the training is - I am absolutely satisfied and grateful.
I am happy to be part of a wonderful team (BTC) and to share training sessions and the team spirit of running at 100%. Discipline, motivation, consistency and above all fun will make you a healthy, happy and successful runner. Never lose your optimism - even in winter or after illness and injury you will find your way back. The human being is a moving animal.
Laurin Amelung
Lana Immelman
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